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My Name is Mehul Kanjariya. I am Complated MCA with First Class From Shree Chimanbhai Patel College,S.G.Highway,Ahmadabad.
I am Well Knowledge of magento,wordpress,joomla,.NET,VB.NET,C#.NET,VB6, VBScript,JavaScript,Html,Dhtml
and My-Contact No is 9601856649,7984141596,9662365940,7383986019 and my gmail id: mehulkanjariya@gmail.com
I am Currently Ruining Job Sr Software Engineer in Software Company,Ahmadabad.and My Total Experience is 7 year and 5 Month.


“To be a Leader person who is respected by family, friends, loved ones and my chosen communities. I am here to make a positive difference despite being imperfect. My work reflects my values and enables me to travel widely and enhance the lives of others. People will remember me for being there to lend a hand, keeping an open mind,
and for getting involved in issues that matter most to me.”


“To have a successful career at a software engineering company which will utilize my technology skills,
leadership abilities and provide a platform for my continued career growth. I will do this by continuing
my education in technology; attending conferences in my field to Software Developing.”


  • Continue to learn and improve my developer skills.
  • Learn and be better at software development (through dealing with customers) and website system design
  • To move towards a team lead position or Project Manager.
  • Learn project management.
  • Learning about the company to find where I can make a contribution from a business perspective rather than just an IT perspective
Sr Software Engineer Role

I am an Sr Software Engineer.

I apply analytic thinking to problems and find a pragmatic solution that isn’t a quick fix, but a lasting value.

I am part of a team. In my software development team, I communicate clearly and proactively. I thrive for consistency and integrity of the creations of my team.

I am a software craftsman. I am proud of my work and understand it as part of the creation of the community of software craftmanship, which I support.

I am and always will be a student. I will keep the beginners mind by playing and experimenting without the fear of failure. There will always be things I have to learn and I will make mistakes, which develop me.

I am an optimist and a realist. I always apply this mission statement in good faith and to achieve great results together with my team. In doing so, I am willing to learn and to teach. However, I acknowledge reality and respect mission statements of other people. Because I will not violate my mission statement, I will leave every situation where my core values are not shared.


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